Startup ConsultingAxel Springer Plug and PlayBerlin

Startup ConsultingAxel Springer Plug and PlayBerlin

Supporting startups in creating investor pitches

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Axel Springer Plug and Play was the first mover amongst corporate accelerator programs in Germany. The program was launched four years ago by German media tycoon Axel Springer and I have been on board since the beginning.

To help participating startups prepare their investor pitches, I developed a unique training regimen that emphasizes not only strategy and content, but also improves stage presence and presentation skills. Participants have the chance to practice at weekly pitch training sessions that are open to the public. At the end of the program, I host a demo day to which 250 investors are invited.

The accelerator has been a huge success for Axel Springer, graduating such startups as Number26, Blogfoster and Careship. Thanks to its high standards, in 2017 Axel Springer Plug and Play was named the most successful accelerator by Capital magazine.

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Project Review
Sometimes we have up to 150 guests at our pitch trainings
Frauke and Jörg are the two heads of the ASPnP team
Eric (cofounder Lineupr) giving the investors an update on his startup
The atmosphere in the accelerator is very open, collaborative and focussed
Developing a pitch is like developing a product