Conference HostingWIRED GermanyBerlin

Conference HostingWIRED GermanyBerlin

Learning from Didi Chuxing, the Chinese Uber

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I helped WIRED, Germany’s leading tech and innovation magazine, relaunch its brand with a series of conferences and events. Since this is the country of major car manufacturers, we decided to focus on mobility as the theme for the first conference.

WIRED Mobility explored inspiring trends and forward-looking concepts such as multimodal transport systems, autonomous driving cars and smart cities. The event brought together 200 leading managers, successful founders, investors, innovators and decision-makers, and introduced some of the latest digital products to the audience.

As the conference host, I conducted live interviews with top-notch speakers from Didi Chuxing, Uber’s major Chinese competitor, Local Motors, WAZE and many more. You can watch all the talks at

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Project Review
250 people from the mobility industry attended the event
Some impressions from the 1-day conference
The panel on Data-Driven Mobility (left-right): Jens Landvogt (HERE), Sohaila Ouffata (BMW i Ventures), Holger Weiß (Aupeo) and Maxim Nohroudi (ally)