Facilitating a series of BarCamps

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Facilitating a thriving, open discussion is one of my favorite things to do. Not only is it fun to get people involved, it’s also usually rewarding and informative for everyone.

I worked together with the German professional social network XING to stage 10 BarCamp conferences across Austria, Switzerland and Germany. BarCamps are open, participatory, user-generated workshop events, the content of which is provided by participants. I not only hosted the events, but also facilitated participant-led organization to lead to the best possible outcomes.

The participants were HR professionals from all kinds of SMEs as well as bigger corporations. Topics discussed included the best recruiting strategies, employer branding and how to take advantage of social media in the candidate-finding process.

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Project Review
The venues for the barcamps where handpicked locations like this old villa in Leipzig
Vienna has a very lifely hr and recruiting scene
We discussed topics like "employer branding" with up to 80 people
All topics discussed have been introduced by the community itself
My notes and tools