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Exploring the future of fashion

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In 2014, I co-initiated the #FASHIONTECH Berlin conference together with my wife Anita. The annual event is a platform for all rising ideas and business models that will influence the way fashion is designed, produced, distributed, marketed and sold in the years to come.

The event, which includes workshops, panel discussions and networking mixers, highlights the applications of augmented/virtual realities, retail tech, wearables, IoT and sustainability in the fashion ecosystem.

“The event has long moved away from being a meeting place for nerds – nowadays it is rather the opposite: it promotes Berlin as a fashion capital.” — DIE WELT

“The conference is a great opportunity for founders and developers to show off their ideas to the world.” — TAGESSPIEGEL

“Anyone paying a visit will be able to tell at first glance how the project has grown.” — SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG

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Project Review
Some designs are still in the prototyping phase, some are already wearable
With a community of more than 2 million followers, Pamela Reif is one of Germany’s most influential social media personalities
Fashion that is made of smart fabrics or even 3D-printed and peppered with sensors
The conference has more than 3800 attendees spread over the day
David Schneider reaches more than 500 million readers every month with his blog High Snobiety sharing his insights on multimedia storytelling