InterviewRalf Kleber, MD Amazon GermanyPotsdam

InterviewRalf Kleber, MD Amazon GermanyPotsdam

Discussing Amazon's unique innovation culture

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Ralf Kleber has been with Amazon for 17 years. And he’s experienced at least 17 reinventions of the company over that time. I took to the stage of the 38th mediengipfel summit to talk with Ralf, Country Manager of Amazon Germany, about Amazon’s impressive transformation into a major player in e-commerce.

During the interview, he shared insights on how Amazon drives forward an agile and innovative environment: “We need a culture that can handle mistakes. At Amazon we love making mistakes, we celebrate them. Because doing so makes innovation possible; you can create something new, something unique."

”The ability to adapt is crucial," he emphasized. “The internet won’t be gone by tomorrow. But it probably won’t be the same. That is why we as a company cannot stop changing and transforming either.”

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